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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Misa Campesina Nicaraguense

Misa Campesina

The Nicaraguan Peasant Mass "Misa Campesina Nicaraguense" was composed in a collaboration principally by Carlos Mejia Godoy, inspired by Ernesto Cardenal. This mass expresses the struggles of the poor in the context of liberation theology. This mass follows the liturgical tradition, and incorporates Nicaraguan folk music motifs. The Misa Campesina Nicaraguense was banned from use in church, but it can still be heard in performances in Batahola neighborhood of Managua.

"Porque sos el Dios obrero, el Cristo trabajador"

I believe in you, comrade,
Christ the man, Christ the worker,
victor over death.
With your great sacrifice
you made new people
for liberation.
You are risen
in every arm outstretched
to defend the people
against the exploitation of rulers;
you are alive and present in the hut,
in the factory, in the school.
I believe in your ceaseless struggle,
I believe in your resurrection.

Click on song title for video:
Canto de Entrada (Carlos Mejia Godoy)
Kirye (Ana Belen)
Credo (Nana Moskouri and Mercedes Sosa)
Ofertorio (Elsa Baeza)
Canto de Meditacion (Carlos Mejia Godoy, El Guadalupano y los de Palacaguina)
Santo (Miguel Bose)
Miskita Lawana (Jorge Vasquez)
Vamos a la Milpa (Carlos Mejia Godoy)
Canto de Despedida (Miguel Bose and Ana Belen)

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