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Friday, November 5, 2010

Un-real Estate III: Developers threaten Laguna de Apoyo

Once again, developers are trying to build more houses in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. Friday, October 28, the staff of FUNDECI/GAIA attended a presentation of a proposed construction of twelve houses in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. The people making the presentation wore nametags "Huellas del Camino", but questions were raised regarding whether this was yet another attempt on the part of the developers who destroyed many hectares in the failed attempt to build houses in "Finca Los Congos". Although the developers were stopped by unanimous decision of the National Assembly and the Ministry for the Environment, they continue to sell lots in their website.

The local community was outraged by the prospect of more houses in the reserve, and they made their voices heard:
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You can read more about this meeting in La Prensa and in El Nuevo Diario.

Nicaragua real estate is subject to foreign influences which do not always respect issues such as protected areas. Laguna de Apoyo needs more protection, not more houses for foreigners!

If you would like to keep Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve pristine and natural, please contact us and help us make our opinions a united force against the attacks of unscrupulous real estate developers. There are conscientious real estate agents, so check carefully. Does your real estate agent tell you that building is not permitted in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve? 

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