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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Lake Apoyo can be smooth as glass, particularly during the rainy season. Photo by Claiire and Andy.

The single most important attribute of Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve is water. Estacion Biologica would never have been created if not for the aquatic environment of the unique, endemic fishes of Lake Apoyo. Since then, we have learned many other great things about this place, but water is always where we return. If you have never seen Laguna de Apoyo, then you must. The Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve is among the most accessible places for nature tourism in the country. Four kilometers wide and 180 meters deep, blue and clear. Laguna de Apoyo is magic, a special place for the creatures that live in it as well as those who visit it for a day or a lifetime.
Swimming Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School and Volunteer Program
Photo by Mette Kolbe.
Laguna de Apoyo is located in a volcanic crater. During the rainy season (June through December), the crater interior surrounding the lake is especially green and lush. It lies on the Ring of Fire, a string of volcanos which circumscribe the Pacific Ocean. Volcanos lies further to its north and south. Volcano Mombacho is peeking above the Apoyo crater edge here.

Water of Lake Apoyo, Spanish School Nicaragua
Photo by Alexander Holm.
Patches of hues can appear in the lake when observed from above, along the crater rim. Its depth and width permit large fluctuations in water temperature and surface movement.

Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School Nicaragua
Photo by Jeffrey McCrary.
During the rainiest months, the lake surface may appear very still, approximating a mirror. The lake level fluctuates seasonally, rising during the rainy period and dropping again during the dry season.

An essential use of the lake is its enjoyment by visitors. Temperatures of 27-28 degrees year round make it ideal for playing, swimming, scuba diving.  
Scuba Diving Apoyo
Photo by Louise Davidson.
How clear can it be? Visibility for SCUBA can be 8 meters, always above 5 meters. Some days, you can read the newspaper at your feet.

Apoyo Spanish School Nicaragua, swim
Photo by Louise Davidson.
 Rumors abound among the locals regarding the Laguna de Apoyo and its magic. Some insist there are mermaids.

Nicaraguan swimming holes
Photo by Louise Davidson.
Under the surface, a celestial blue can be found, which seemingly, goes on forever. In some perspectives, the lake seems infinite. The depths are unreachable, except for Alfonsina.

watersports Nicaragua
Photo by Louise Davidson.
Nicaraguans love Laguna de Apoyo, and they visit in large numbers especially on weekends. But the lake is often waiting for one, with only the sky and sounds of nature around. Swimming can be very peaceful in the morning. 
beach Nicaragua
Photo by Louise Davidson.

SCUBA Dive Nicaragua
Photo by Louise Davidson.
 Fish are watching you from a distance, but your presence is not unwelcome. To get a closer look at them, go SCUBA diving!

Lake Apoyo swimming
Photo by Louise Davidson.
 Some people are best seen through water.

swimming Nicaragua
Photo by Louise Davidson.
We are very concerned about saving the water of Laguna de Apoyo. The lake is being polluted by us-all of us. We want to leave this glorious monument of nature to our children. 
Estacion Biologica Centro Cultural Laguna de Apoyo Nicaragua
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