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Sunday, June 26, 2011

One-on-one Spanish language training at Apoyo Spanish School

Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School "Proyecto Ecologico" is operated by FUNDECI/GAIA and is the oldest continuously operating Spanish language school in Nicaragua. We provide Spanish language and culture instruction for groups both small and large, as well as for individuals. Individual classes allow for customized instruction so the student covers the topics that are most appropriate given his or her current level and interests.

We are located inside the Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve, so classes are held in a natural environment. Classes might be interrupted by a group of howler monkeys overhead, or a unique bird calling from nearby. We are along the shore of Lake Apoyo, a beautiful, clear lake, and among a handful of residences and small tourist enterprises with the jungle behind and overhead.

Apoyo Spanish School and Cultural Center, Nicaragua
Aura and her student, Hester, are very animated during Spanish class at Proyecto Ecologico. Photo by Jeffrey McCrary. 
Fresh air and greenness all around make a special learning environment. Our students learn with local teachers who were trained by us. Our school has trained the teachers of most schools in the country, in workshops on one-on-one and small group intensive language pedagogy. Our teachers can convey the principles of grammar and conjugation in Spanish, and they also can discuss issues of local importance: politics, the environment, local wildlife and nature, and the life of ordinary, rural people in Nicaragua.

Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School and Volunteer Program and cultural center
Something was funny during Spanish class today.  Photo by Jeffrey McCrary.
Our students develop a study plan with their teacher in one-week blocs. During the week, each student's progress will be monitored and the study plan will be altered accordingly. Given that every student learns at a different rate, we have found letting the student's learning pace drive the study plan makes for better progress. Our teachers have developed a multilevel skeletal study plan which can be adapted to a student's particular interests and needs. Our study guides have been "pirated" by several other schools in Nicaragua, a clear demonstration of the success of our methodology.

Nicaragua Mariposa Spanish School
Leslie and a student hold class in the shade of large trees. Photo by Jeffrey McCrary.
Each program includes a set of after-class activities, and volunteer work. We believe that we should give back to the community and the earth, humbly and gratefully. One afternoon each week is dedicated to reforestation of the Reserve. Spanish students are welcome to participate in volunteer work on a greater scale as well, and we have needs of several kinds-there is something for everyone to do.
Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School and Volunteer Program and Apoyo Cultural Center
Leslie teaches Spanish with Dave in Laguna de Apoyo. Classes cover politics, cultural issues, and the environment. Photo by Stephan Beekhuis.
We teach Spanish language courses at all levels, from beginner to the advanced student. Our students are interns and volunteers, newly arrived residents, and vacationers, from throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. If you would like to know more about studying Spanish with us, please contact us!
Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School and Volunteer Program and Cultural Center
Leslie and David pause to smile for the camera. Photo by Stephan Beekhuis. 
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Apoyo Spanish School and Cultural Center
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