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Friday, October 7, 2011

Mario Montenegro visits the children of Laguna de Apoyo Part I

Mario Montenegro is a local Nicaraguan artist, singer, songwriter, children's story writer, and painter. He was born poor and humble, and he has dedicated his art to themes of the children. As can be seen in the videos here, he has a special communication with children. Estacion Biologica arranged an activity with our local school, Escuela Luis Alfonso Velasquez, where he sang and told stories for the children, with themes that relate to the kids. His music has themes especially for children. Here are a few of the videos we took from the event, more will be loaded soon. We hope you enjoy them.

The students of Escuela Luis Alfonso Velasquez are poor, rural children, whose parents are caretakers for properties of wealthy people in Laguna de Apoyo. These children don't go to the movies or the mall. Their parents don't take them rollerskating or to play organized sports.

Mario Montenegro knows how to make the children smile and even to get them jumping. We are appreciative of his attention and care for the poor children of our local school. He was accompanied in his visit by students of the Laguna de Apoyo Spanish Language School and volunteers from Estacion Biologica, who also enjoying his music and stories and the opportunity to share with the children of our area.
Supporting the education of poor, rural Nicaraguans is part of our mandate at Gaia, and through our offices at Estacion Biologica, we have participated in several activities to widen and deepen the experience of our young student neighbors. When you visit Nicaragua, please remember that many children do not have sufficient resources for a good education. We, like many organizations, channel donations to our local school. We recommend that you bring with you pencils and other school supplies, books in Spanish, and backpacks to donate. We also are seeking a long-term intern to work with the local students in environmental education activities. If you are interested, please contact us.
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