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Apoyo Spanish School, Nicaragua

Studying Spanish at Apoyo Spanish School is not just about studying Spanish. There are lots of fun moments with new experiences as well as the grammar, verb conjugation, and vocabulary of Spanish language instruction. Here are a a few scenes which demonstrate the unique aspects in which you learn while you enjoy.

Apoyo Spanish School
Students of Apoyo Spanish School visit the Catarina overlook, with Lake Apoyo below. Photo by Heidi Burgwardt.
Each week, students of Apoyo Spanish School visit the Pueblos Blancos, which include Catarina and other nearby small towns near Laguna de Apoyo. These authentic villages are full of precolombian and colonial heritage, with indigenous ethnicities predominant and artisan traditions which pre-date the Spanish arrival. From this view, it is easy to see why Cacique Diriangen loved Laguna de Apoyo.
Nicaragua Spanish Schools
Simba loves to join swimmers for a dip in Lake Apoyo. Heidi is his best friend! Photo by Heidi Burgwardt.
Lake Apoyo is a water-filled volcanic caldera, and  Apoyo Spanish School is located along the shore of the lake in the Apoyo volcanic caldera, between Granada and Masaya in Nicaragua. There is ample time for swimming in its clear waters and relaxing along the shore. Lake Apoyo is slightly salty, clear, the best swimming hole in all of Nicaragua. The lake is warm and inviting for a swim both day and night.
Apoyo Spanish School
Trolls learned Spanish here, and returned for a visit a year later. 
Students at Apoyo Spanish School often return for visits to Laguna de Apoyo, and we are always happy to see them!
Nicaragua Spanish Schools
Students at Apoyo Spanish School also serve as bird perches.
Our staff at Estacion Biologica is always involved in some conservation or research project. Students at Apoyo Spanish School can participate as volunteers in many of these projects, including reforestation, animal rescue, wildlife monitoring, and others.

Apoyo Spanish School
Bela gives a friendly greeting to all visitors at Estacion Biologica in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. 
The modest infrastructure of Estacion Biologica is simple and rustic, but comfortable. Hammocks are available for relaxing at any time, and Bela, our youngest dog, will visit to say hello. You can stay with us as just a visitor, take Spanish classes, or participate in our volunteer program. We serve homestyle meals, with healthy ingredients, thoughtfully prepared. We emphasize using locally grown products and minimize the use of processed foods. We can accommodate special food needs such as vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and other restrictions with advance notice.
Nicaragua Spanish School
Birdwatching before classes at Apoyo Spanish School. Dawn is the best time to see birds, and a watching them an hour is great way to start the day.
The staff at Estacion Biologica includes several professional bird diversity specialists. Each week, students of Apoyo Spanish School go on birdwatching and nature interpretation walks in the forest of Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. Birdwatchers typically see about twenty-five bird species in a one-hour birdwatching activity before breakfast. Bring your binoculars and a field guide!

If you would like to learn Spanish or improve your Spanish language ability, we would like to help you. Apoyo Spanish School is the oldest intensive Spanish language school in Nicaragua and the only school officially operated by a Nicaraguan not-for-profit foundation. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to register for a Spanish course.
Nicaragua Spanish School
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