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Thursday, December 11, 2014

More from The Mountain School

Matagalpa is still known as a remote area. The drive from Managua to the city of Matagalpa once took four hours over a road with lots of dangerous potholes. Today, a smooth ride lasting two hours over well-paved roads gets you to there. The city is bustling, an overgrown mini-metropolis overfilling a tight valley between ridges. And on all sides, there is coffee.

The Welcome Wagon is awaiting your visit to The Mountain School. 
A visit to The Mountain School can bring the rural areas surrounding Matagalpa to life for a visitor. Here, the landscape remains green year-round, and temperatures are never blasting as in Managua and most of the southern part of Nicaragua. The streams are always running with water, sometimes overflowing. The Mountain School is located about 12 kilometers outside Matagalpa, on the highway to La Dalia.
Happy birthday at The Mountain School.
In this idyllic setting, The Mountain School works with a coffee farm, its workers, and the local community. Groups are welcome to come and visit, tour the farm, and learn with us. Groups are welcome, and we can provide Spanish classes, seminars and volunteer programs for you. You can receive instruction from some of the best Nicaragua Spanish school teachers, while learning about coffee production and rural life in Nicaragua.

Spanish school
The rancho at The Mountain School is a great place to start the day.
We can host groups of up to thirty individuals at The Mountain School, in rustic, ecologically compatible accommodations, constructed from bamboo, wood and adobe, with simple, country meals prepared in the coffee farm kitchen, using coffee husks and bio-gas for fuel. The ecologically integrated structures are used by visitors and long-term employees of the coffee farm.

Nicaragua Spanish School
This group of volunteers decorated space and helped with tending students in the after-school library.
If you would like to bring a group to The Mountain School, we can arrange your stay and include activities as well. Please write us at for more information.
Coffee picking!

Any visit to the largest coffee producer in Matagalpa is not complete without an introduction to coffee tasting.

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You can help us keep nature wild in Nicaragua, by volunteering your time with us or making a small donation to support our projects in wild nature conservation.

Tropical Kingbird
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