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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fish Research in Laguna de Masaya

The Masaya volcanic complex, lying just north of Apoyo, also contains a lake full of fish-and very interesting fish! The FUNDECI/GAIA research team are executing a study of the Midas cichlid species complex in Lake Masaya, in search of evidence that sympatric speciation has also occurred in this lake, as has been demonstrated in Lake Apoyo.
Lake Masaya cichlids
Maarten fishing for new species. Photo by Jeffrey McCrary.
Here is Maarten Hogenkamp, fishing in Laguna de Masaya. And take another look at the foreground!!!! Yes, that is trash. This lake is severely damaged by solid waste and liquid waste from the municipalities of Masaya and Masatepe. Nonetheless, the lake has fish, and very interesting ones!

Midas cichlid research in Nicaragua
Lorenzo and Jeffrey examine the catch. Photo by Marlene Kroner.
Here, Lorenzo hauls in a juvenile Midas cichlid by harpoon, and passes it off to Jeffrey McCrary of FUNDECI/GAIA while Erico from the Masaya Volcano National Park looks on.

A new species from Lake Masaya. Photo by Jeffrey McCrary.
Some of the catch: a probable new species! FUNDECI/GAIA is working with Jay Stauffer from Penn State to describe new species in Lake Masaya.

fish research Nicaragua
Lorenzo and Maarten discuss the color details of the fish. Photo by Jeffrey McCrary.

Amphilophus fish Nicaragua
Maarten and Elmer at work. Photo by Jeffrey McCrary.
And yes, fishing also means.... repairing nets, and getting ready for the next round. 
Fish studies Nicaragua
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