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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Improvements and repairs in the local rural school

Escuela Luis Alfonso Velasquez School Improvement Project 2010

The Laguna de Apoyo Biological Research Station "Estacion Biologica" coordinated and financed repairs and improvements in the Escuela Luis Alfonso Velasquez. This school attends the educational needs of 50 children who live in Laguna de Apoyo. Thanks especially to Christine Bruxer for her fundraising for this worthy project!!! The project budget ran just under US$1000.00. Not bad for a year of financial crisis.

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This was the letrine. A three-seater. The termites had destroyed the wood structure, and the paint, well, you can see for yourself. The doors would no longer work at all. We adjusted the doors, changed the structural beams, applied anti-termite treatment, and painted the entire thing.
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Parents of Escuela Luis Alfonso Velasquez help prepare a wall for painting. Photo by Pablo Somarriba.

Almost the entire school interior and all of the exterior was painted with an oil-based paint. There is a well on the property which had long ago gone dry. We dug it an additional 4 meters and then placed a submersible pump in it, and sealed the top with a large reinforced concrete top with a heavy duty padlock.

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Believe it or not, someone is down there!!! What a job. The parents, CPC, and other members of the community did an awesome job. The result of all this well rehabilitation:
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We are happy to help to improve the lives of the poor children in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve! Every child deserves a good education and a happy childhood.
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The children of Laguna de Apoyo deserve a great childhood including a good education. Photo by Pablo Somarriba.
FUNDECI/GAIA has performed several projects with the Escuela Luis Alfonso Velasquez, including a donation of a library for the children. Would you like to volunteer with FUNDECI/GAIA? Please contact us! 
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