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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nicaragua, Nicaraguita!

By Carlos Mejia Godoy, the song "Nicaragua, Nicaraguita" is among the best-loved of all songs in the country. Although composed in the context of the Revolution, its relevance transcends party politics today. Whenever sung publicly, one can expect all to sing along and many to shed a tear. Viva Nicaragua Libre!


Carlos Mejia Godoy
Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy y los de Palacaguina
Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy a cappella

This song was also recorded by Billy Bragg-hear it here: Billy Bragg

Ay, Nicaragua, Nicaraguita
La flor mas linda de mi querer
Abonada con la bendita
Nicaraguita, sangre de Diriangen.
Ay, Nicaragua, sos mas dulcita
Que la mielita de Tamagas
Pero ahora que ya sos libre,
Nicaraguita, you u te quiero mucho mas
Pero ahora que yas sos libre,
Nicaraguita, yo te quiero mucho mas.

Oh, Nicaragua, precious Nicaragua
The fairest flower of my affection
Fertilized by the sacred blood,
Nicaraguita, of Diriangen.
Oh, Nicaragua, you are more sweet
Than the honey of Tamagas
But now that you are free,
Nicaragua, I love you so much more.
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