Sunday, April 3, 2011

Escuela Luis Alfonso Velasquez in Laguna de Apoyo

We consider our social commitment to be of the highest priority. As a result, we at Estacion Biologica FUNDECI/GAIA collaborate with the Escuela Luis Alfonso Velasquez to improve the quality of education for the poor children who live in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. Most of these children do not come from homes with the advantages of educated or wealthy parents. We help to provide the children with interesting educational experiences, materials and infrastructure. In 2010, we coordinated a repair of the school infrastructure, with a very generous donation from Christine Bruxer and her Canadian junior high school students, and labor provided by the local parents and CPC. 
Our students at the Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School regularly visit the school and interact with the students. We recommend that our visitors bring simple school materials-pencils, composition books, backpacks-to provide for the local children who can not afford their own materials. Here we show photos of our local children in visits from students of the Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School.

elementary education Nicaragua
Students of Apoyo Spanish School visit the children of our local elementary school. Photo by Belen Camino.

Luis Alfonso Velasquez Elementary School
Photo by Belen Camino.

volunteering Nicaragua education
Photo by Belen Camino.

Here a donation of maps of the world is presented to the children and staff of the school, generously provided by our Spanish school students.

Students of Apoyo Spanish School bring donated educational materials to the Luis Alfonso Velasquez School. Photo by Belen Camino.

art Nicaragua Laguna de Apoyo
Photo by Belen Camino.
Please come and visit our local children and bring school supplies to help them receive a good education!
We believe that all children deserve a great education. Thanks to all who have contributed.

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