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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The differently abled have rights, too

Nicaragua faces many challenges due to the immense poverty it suffers. Being handicapped is hard anywhere, but having a disability in Nicaragua can be like a prison, because the family, friends and society are not sufficiently equipped and trained to include them in productive ways. The following video, a television spot, deals with this issue.

This video is also interesting because it is produced in Miskito, one of the "other" languages of Nicaragua. There is very little cultural space available for the languages other than Spanish, except of course for English. This video presents an interesting development in the treatment of cultures and languages by giving this message to the Miskito people in their own language. We hope this video gives you much to consider.
If you are traveling to Nicaragua, please consider bringing with you a wheelchair. Estacion Biologica can facilitate its donation to a needing handicapped person. Do you know of someone who would like to volunteer to work with handicapped young people in Nicaragua? There are opportunities at Psycoballet Nicaragua.
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