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Apoyo Spanish Language School

Peeling back the layers of Latin American society and culture to make a volunteer or work experience, or a vacation, more interesting and fulfilling, requires learning Spanish. Among the educational programs at Estacion Biologica, is its oldest and most well-known in some circles, the Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School. Our school is the oldest intensive Nicaragua  Spanish language schools. We have developed our own curriculum and course materials based on our experiences with teaching visitors to Nicaragua. Our teachers are local people, whom we have trained and have passed the various requirements we have imposed. Our school has trained hundreds of volunteers, professionals and tourists over the past twenty years. We have even trained the majority of Spanish language school teachers throughout Nicaragua.

Our intensive Spanish courses are one-on-one, or in small groups. We have special approaches for young people, including students as young as five years old. Classes at Apoyo Spanish School are often in the shade of the large trees in the yard of Estacion Biologica, during the mornings, and activities are programmed three afternoons each week. Our teachers assign homework, so a student might find him or herself busy into the evening and asking our staff for assistance! Even then, there is ample opportunity to swim, meet neighbors and enjoy the natural surroundings.
Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School and Volunteer Program Nicaragua

Spanish School


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Nicaragua Spanish School

Laguna de Apoyo Spanish School and Volunteer Program

Nicaragua Spanish School and Volunteer Program

Spanish schools

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Our intensive Spanish language courses include cultural training, pronunciation, verb conjugation, and vocabulary. We have experience in training volunteers and professionals working in several agencies in Nicaragua and nearby countries. You will be studying in the immediate vicinity of our other activities, such as wildlife research and reforestation activities. Years of experience on an institutional level means you can expect results in class, and have an overall experience that takes into account your needs for a total experience, with cultural and environmental activities, free time, intense study, conversations with locals, and exposure to nature in the tropics.

We also believe that eating well is a part of any good experience. We think a lot about the food we prepare, serve and eat. We serve healthy meals three times a day, and your meals are included in your price of Spanish study. We accomodate special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, and with advance notice, gluten-free.

Unlike most other schools in Nicaragua, we are a registered non-profit, with all permits and licenses in place, working hand in hand with the national and local governments and the community. Some schools advertise that a portion of their profits go to worthy causes, whereas all of our profits are returned to support the local community in the sustainable management of Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. Part of that support is to pay fair wages, pay social security and taxes according to the law, and work formally with the local structures in long-term development issues. Our proceeds, for instance, pay for logistical support for the local police; training for the park guards; building improvements and books at the local schools; development and implementation of the management plan for the Reserve; reforestation and wildlife studies in the reserve; and a number of other activities in coordination with the local communities. Our students participate in some of these programs, planting trees and monitoring wildlife, during their studies. In this way, you can be sure, your money spent does not go to line the pockets of some gringo, as is the case in most of the other schools.

Whether you are in Nicaragua for tourism, residence, or professional reasons, we would like to meet you. You are welcome to visit any time, we are open 365 days a year. Please contact us at for more information.

Apoyo Spanish School and Volunteer Program
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