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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Revolutionary Music-Nicaraguan Concert for Peace 1983-video

The year was 1983. The cause was the Nicaraguan "contra" civil war, seen from within as attacks from outside. Sandinista Nicaragua faced a formidable enemy in the United States, the byword was defiance. Music was the medium. The event was the Concert for Peace, held in Managua, free to all, with musicians from throughout the continent. As this event demonstrated, the Nicaraguan Revolution meant something very special troughout the world. Among the performers in this video: Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy, Carlos Mejia Godoy, Amparo Ochoa, Adrian Goizueta, Mercedes Sosa, Silvio Rodriguez. Music and Revolution were the theme. 
It's to wake up and break the muzzle and chains,
It's to conjugate and feel the verb “love” without limits,
It's to get the moon to give us its bread and a kiss
When we free the earth of what imprisons our dreams.
It's to write in the people's book with blood and fire,
The names of the anonymous sowers of this field.
It's to talk of hope And the love that costs us
It's to make grow in the womb of history our footprints
It's the reason of the language of man and his freedom,
That, even if he has to kill, love is his objective
That the animal heart of an imperfect man,
Like a bird flying toward love, takes flight to make a nest in your breast.
This is why I must conclude before my guitar sleeps
That no blow is fatal if you don't fear death
That to stay awake while guarding the trenches
Is the task of one to love even in time of war.
Nicaraguan revolutionary music
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