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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Big Cola Pollutes in Managua II

Just in case anyone doesn't believe the videos and photos demonstrated in an earlier blog entry are real, here are more. Big Cola is considered to be a multinational, receiving the same support for its business as the other Free Trade Zone companies that do business in Nicaragua. These companies submit to strict regulations which control their activities. Nonetheless, policing is difficult for the government, even when relatively few companies are recalcitrant polluters. The case of Big Cola is dramatic, however, as can be seen in the videos below. 

water pollution
Wastewater from the Big Cola bottling plant in Managua is opaque and foamy. Is this within the standards for wastewater in Managua? 

Big Cola
Water dumped from the Big Cola plant may vary from dark, bright red, or opaque white.
The owners of Big Cola, AJE Group, have promised to invest US$25 million in Nicaragua. This seems like a great plan, because Nicaragua needs investment and employment. Nonetheless, this investment must be placed appropriately, including to clean up the messes made by the company and to protect the neighbors from water pollution, gases, and noise. Additionally, workers in the Big Cola bottling plant must be protected from noise, as well.

Are you offended by these images and videos? Do you want to do something to keep Nicaragua clean and safe for everyone? Contact us. FUNDECI is working with the local community to bring the issue to the attention of local and national government authorities, and the public has much to do to pressure the government to act. We need your help to pressure the AJE Group to comply with Nicaraguan laws.

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