Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day present to a pair of Tropical Kingbirds

Although the selected day differs from country to country, May is the month in which our mothers are remembered. It is fitting that many birds in the tropics hatch in this month, too. The always-vigilant Tropical Kingbird has hatched three eggs successfully on the afternoon of US Mother's Day, 10 May 2015. All eggshells and debris have been removed from the nest, and the chicks are being fed regurgitated insects.

birdwatching Nicaragua
Three baby Tropical Kingbirds (Tyrannus melancholicus) in their first day since hatching. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.
The pair of Tropical Kingbirds have vigilantly guarded their three eggs since 24 April, against doves, grackles, and even squirrels. Nest parasites such as cuckoos and Melodious Blackbirds are abundant in the area, but the vigilance of these feisty flycatchers is rewarded by not being stuck with a parasitic egg. Both parents are continuously present and attentive to their nest.

Feeding time! Photo Jeffrey McCrary.
One can not always be in the jungle, but this small miracle of life is a reminder that even urban birdwatching can also bring some special rewards.
Tropcial Kingbird
Tyrannus melancholicus caring for eggs. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.
The female Tropical attentive mother, as the following video demonstrates:

And parents quarrel among all species, even on Mother's Day!

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Tropical Kingbird
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