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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Laguna de Apoyo Morning Yoga

Anyone up for some morning yoga? Andras is conducting yoga classes at Estacion Biologica, and you are invited to join it. It's a great way to start the day, by reminding your body of its center, and awakening the relationships between the mind and the body. Starting 6 am, each Monday and Thursday.

yoga in Laguna de Apoyo
Yoga is a great way to start the day, anywhere, but it's best in the jungle. Photo Andras Dorgai.

A hurried day can easily combine with distractions to keep a person from relaxing, feeling oneself, and reducing the effects of all the noise from without and within. Yoga also can get the blood flowing to parts of the body that might not be getting enough attention, without impacts and strains of many sports.

Visitors to Estacion Biologica and students of Apoyo Spanish School can start their mornings with a yoga class. Photo Andras Dorgai. 
The yoga class began on the first morning with sun, following several with impending rain or storms. There was no wind, so the trees were silent, except for the grunts of monkeys raiding the fruits of a couple of Cecropia trees in the yard. They occasionally howled, and a neighboring dog barked. Bella, our own dog at Estacion Biologica, insisted on mixing with the yoga class, too, but she eventually accepted to stay on the margin. Scrubbing of clothes on a wash stand down the way could be heard, as well.

Andras and yoga students on the deck at Estacion Biologica. Laguna de Apoyo makes a great place to practice yoga. Photo Andras Dorgai.
Practicing yoga is good everywhere, although some places call out. If you are visiting Laguna de Apoyo, you are welcome to visit Estacion Biologica Laguna de Apoyo, and practice yoga on our deck. Yoga teachers, experienced people, beginners, and curious are all welcome. You won't need anything special, just come as you are. Our wooden floor is soft enough for most poses, and some cushion can be improvised if you do not have a yoga mat.

Yoga class ends with a moment of relaxation. Photo Pablo Somarriba.

Time for breakfast, then on to Apoyo Spanish School! Or to whatever plan each person has for the day. Some people are Spanish students, others are overnight guests, and others come from nearby hostels just for yoga, or also a great, vegetarian breakfast afterward.

yoga in Nicaragua
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